Save Time and Energy with the Fenced Chicken Coop/Garden

Make the most efficient use of your chickens and garden. The chickens scratch up (aerate) and poop all over the soil (fertilize) in one yard while a garden in the adjacent yard makes use of the chicken's efforts from the previous season. Of course, the chickens have no access to the garden until it's done being harvested.

After harvesting, move the chickens to the other yard to take care of the plant remnants, adding sticks and other mulch for the chickens to tear up helping add even more organic matter to the soil.

An example design:

On the south side of the coop, is the human entrance. On the west and east sides of the coop are the chicken doors, each leading to a separate fenced-in yard. On the north side of the chicken coop is a hinged wooden cover with a compost pile directly outside it, making for easy shoveling of waste matter onto the pile.

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