Options for Generating Your Own Renewable Energy for the Home

With energy bills rising and competition between providers still fierce, it doesn’t seem like homeowners will get a break anytime soon. But if you’re struggling to cope with extortionate energy bills, there might be a way you can get off the grid and save yourself a fortune.

We’ve all heard of renewable energy, and those lucky folk that live near a wind farm being able to get off the grid. But everyone from inner city folk to country bumpkins can harvest their own energy, easily and effectively.

Here, we’re going to look at a number of options for generating your own renewable energy. Each will help you get your home off the grid, and can slash your electricity and energy bills; you’ll wonder why you never thought about generating your own energy before:

1. Solar energy
One of the biggest misconceptions about green energy is that the sun has to be shining for you to benefit from solar energy. Of course, this is a huge myth; if you’re looking to generate your own energy or electricity, solar power is a great option.
There are two kinds of roof panel: solar thermal (heating) or solar photovoltaic (electricity). Whichever you choose, you’re able to harness the sun’s rays in a productive way and utilise the panels as an additional layer of roof insulation.

2. Hydroelectric power
If you have rivers or streams on your property, you should consider harnessing hydroelectric power. You can install hydroelectric turbines to convert water power into energy; a great and often under used renewable source.
Make sure to install the turbines at the point on the river that experiences the fastest water flow, such as bends. This will give you maximum power, and energy usage. Speak to your local council first though, to ensure you have planning permission.

3. Wind power
Depending on the size and location of your property, you could consider generating your own renewable energy with wind turbines. While you can’t always power your whole home with a single, roof-mounted wind turbine, you should be able to notice considerable benefits over time.
Before you being installing your own wind farm, do your research. There might be one nearby that you can harness the power of. In the long run, this will be much more beneficial for your bank balance and energy bills.

4. Biomass boilers
Biomass boilers are a great way to generate renewable heat for your home, whilst driving down the cost of your bills. Rather than boiling water to heat your home, biomass boilers burn wood pellets. You can purchase stand-alone systems that heat one room, or a boiler to heat the whole property.
This example of renewable energy is growing in popularity, becoming one of the best ways to generate your own heat energy. You can find out more about biomass boilers and how they work over on the Eco Friendly Energy blog.

5. Get together with neighbours
While these options can be great for generating renewable energy for your home, they don’t always come cheap. In fact, they can cost thousands. But by working as a neighbourhood, you can split the costs of some options over a number of houses.

For example, you could club together to install a mini wind farm on your estate or link all of your homes to a hydroelectric turbine. Becoming energy independent is a communal idea, and working together in this way can help you generate your own energy for years to come
Generating your own renewable energy isn’t easy, and won’t come cheap in the beginning. But it is certainly worth the effort and is a great way to save money in the long run. Research your options, find out what is available to you, and get generating today.

Written by Emily Bradbury

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