Home Improvements That Save Energy

If you are tired of settling high utility bills every month, it is high time you carried out some energy-saving home improvements to lessen the burden before things get worse. Here are some of the best home improvement ideas that can help you save energy:

1. Get a Programmable Thermostat
Heating and cooling usually account for the bulk of energy usage in many homes. That's why switching from a manual to a programmable thermostat will help you save a lot of energy and money.
You can always set your thermostat to adjust the temperature of your house according to your schedule. For instance, if you are leaving for work, you can set it to start heating or cooling your house an hour before you get back instead of leaving the AC running the whole day.

2. Install More Insulation
Whenever you get an opportunity to add insulation, simply do so in order to keep your house more comfortable and energy-efficient. If you notice that some areas such as the attics, walls, or hot water pipes are under-insulated, insulate them properly using recommended insulators.
It is very advisable for you to consult with a professional building contractor who can easily identify areas that need urgent attention and help you find the most cost-effective solutions.

3. Upgrade Your Windows
If you have old, obsolete, or worn out windows, it is better for you to replace them with single-glazed or double-glazed models. Glazed windows are designed with advanced technologies such as vacuum-sealed spaces filled with inert gases, strong frames, invisible glass coatings, warm edge spacers, and improved weather stripping, all of which help in reducing undesirable heat gain or loss.
These windows also play a major role in providing insulation against noises and unpleasant smells that might come from outside. In addition, they are tougher to break as compared to ordinary windows, allowing them to provide greater security against break-ins.

4. Use Fluorescent Bulbs
Replace all incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs and tubes. Even though fluorescent bulbs are a bit expensive as compared to the ordinary ones, they save you money in the long run and can serve you for more than 5 years.

5. Install a Water Heater Timer
Just like thermostats, water heaters consume a lot of energy. So, installing a water heater timer and setting it to turn your heater on or off at different times of the night or day can be very beneficial to you. Water heater timers are very affordable and easy to install.
Before you start installing the timer, be sure to turn off electricity. If you have any doubts about your ability to carry out a safe installation, consider contacting your local water heater dealer or a qualified electrician.

6. Install Low-Flow Shower Heads and Taps
Installing low-flow shower heads and taps in your home will reduce the amount of water and energy considerably. Apart from being readily available and inexpensive, they are very easy to install and maintain.

7. Get an Energy Audit
Whenever professional energy auditors visit your house, they take time to asses it for energy efficiency (insulation, cooling, and heating).
After that, they give you vital tips on how to make your home more energy-efficient and reduce your power bill. If you would like to get a power audit, you can ask for assistance from your local power provider.

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Writing for Mr Renewables online, Keith Barrett discusses a variety of issues relating to home improvements and renewable energy solutions.

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