Am I Going Crazy or Growing Sane?

What happened to me? I wasn't always like this. I used to be normal - at least relatively normal. I've always been a little odd. As little as a year ago, I gave absolutely no hoots about lawns or whether or not someone frequently took to the hobby of gardening. I used to casually travel along the pale, gray sidewalks of suburbia and not mind a single thing. Now thanks to one additional past time, gardening, I'm disgusted by nearly everyone's yard. Who would've guessed that deciding to plant some vegetables would screw with my perspective so much?

Every lawn, every bare patch of dirt, every little piece of ignored land taunts me with it's wasted potential to produce a sustainable, local food source. House after house after house with tended lawns, every one a symbol of people's ignorance for the systems that support their blissfully unaware lifestyle. Nobody seems to care about how many resources are necessary to grow and move food around countries so that people can keep their precious lawns.

And if that wasn't bad enough, you suggest tearing up someone's lawn to replace it with a garden and often folks seem uncomfortable with the thought, like the suggestion blasphemes their god or something. Am I the one going nuts, or is everyone else just too enamored with the status quo and their blasted lawns?

At this point my opinion of gardening has evolved from a hobby into something of a personal responsibility, a duty if you will. I mean, why should someone else be responsible for growing my food, especially when it's probably some Mexican immigrant working illegally at a Californian farm?

Recently I saw an elderly woman spraying weeds in her yard with pesticide and it made me near furious. Not only was she cool with lawns, she was dousing her yard with synthetic toxins to ensure her lawns continued survival. I almost wanted to walk up to her and shout, "Really?! Do you hate nature and biodiversity that much?". Luckily she was old; she'll be dead soon and won't be pesticiding things for much longer. - I wanted to yell at an old lady. I'm such a nice person.

Pardon the pun, but I'm pretty sure all this lawn hate I'm harboring these days is my brain finally growing sane. Gardens are too wonderful and bring too many benefits to be a symptom of insanity. Eh, whatever. I'm sure folks will catch on soon enough to how great gardens are, if not, maybe I'll secretly plant fruit trees and vegetables in people's yards by night and become some kind of horticultural terrorist/ninja.

Fun Fact: Did you know lawns originated as status symbols? The concept of a lawn is only a couple centuries old, started when most people grew their own food right in their yards. But some wealthy people got the idea to leave their land as trimmed grasses as a statement of how they had so much money they could afford to not grow food on their land. And somehow somewhere along the timeline, lawns become the norm.

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