The Most Wasteful Country in the World Part 4


Remember back in part 1 when we figured out how much waste residences in Canada generate? 25 million tonnes annually. Which didn't seem like much but we found out that relative to the rest of the world it was actually a lot. But residential waste is only just that, residential. You must not forget waste's very big brother...industry.
Because if you think 25,000,000 (2.5 mil) tonnes was a lot of waste, try wrapping your head around industry's overwhelming and mountainous 1,300,000,000 (1.3 bil) tonnes. Now that's quite the difference, eh? 
If you look at a map of Canada you'll notice it's a pretty big country with lots of neat stuff like trees and mountains in it, so it's no surprise that a lot of Canada's biggest industries are resource based ones like logging, mining, agriculture, and oil. It's from these economic sectors where most of Canada's Industrial Waste comes from.
There's also a healthy manufacturing sector and they have their own waste contributions, but the biggest contributors are definitely the resource industries.
Though the oil sands are probably down a bit since the last batch of data was released what with some recent developments in Alberta, like that Fort McMurray fire for one.
Okay. That's solid waste, how about greenhouse gases now? Can't forget about that CO2.
You can see the oil and gas industry were the worst again with just under 200 megatonnes of carbon in 2014. And transportation wasn't far behind with around 170 megatonnes of carbon - hard to believe for an industry based on burning gas, right? The rest all come in around 75 megatonnes each.
"Emissions-intensive and trade-exposed industries" sector consists of emissions from mining, smelting and refining, pulp and paper, iron and steel, cement, lime and gypsum, and chemicals and fertilizers.
"Waste and others" sector consists of emissions from light manufacturing, construction, forest resources, waste, and coal production.
Now again it's important to put everything into perspective with relevant comparison. How are other countries faring? Here's a comparison of industry and population. This graph features how many tonnes (1000 kg) of waste is generated annually per capita. 
That is, for every 1 person in a country, a country produces this many tonnes of waste.
As you can see Canada is the worst per capita. Okay. Well how about efficiency? Is Canada at least making a decent bang for their buck compared to other countries? This next one is industry and GDP (in USD). How many dollars are made for every tonne (1000 kg) of waste generated annually.
That is, for every tonne of waste produced by a country, a country produces this many dollars in USD.
Well would you look at that?
After looking at Canada's municipal waste, water usage, waste diversion, and now industry I think we can safely say that Canada is incredibly wasteful. In fact, it's very likely that Canada is the most wasteful country in the world. Kind of didn't expect that.
Geez, Canada. C'mon. You can do better.
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