A 25'x25' front yard garden, belonging to one Jason Helvenston of College Park, will be allowed to continue it's existence after the City of Orlando was flooded with hundreds of concerned emails in response to a local news story that generated national headlines.

Based on how many unproductive patches of dirt you see in winter time (doing nothing but sitting and waiting for spring), it would seem most folks think you can't grow food during the winter. Well, guess what? You totally can; it's not even that difficult  (unless you live near the arctic circle). To enjoy fresh vegetables in December all it really takes is a little know how - and maybe the odd piece of construction.

A study from the University of Tennesee has concluded that children who play in a natural environment play more intensely and use their imagination more than children who play on a traditional playground.

There's this perpetuating concept in our culture that farming is for the kids too stupid to go to college. Well, good news everyone, this belief is starting to backfire and presents us with a few issues like we're going to run out of farmers.

For some reason, planting by the phases of the moon is somewhat controversial. Perhaps some folks just write it off because it sounds like new-age, astrology, voodoo, mumbo jumbo, hippie crap. And "lunar gardening" does kind of sound like, pardon the pun, lunacy, except when you consider that plants have been dealing with the celestial habits of the moon equally as long as they've been dealing with the sun's.

In 1981, Rodale Institute, a non profit organization dedicated to organic research, began what would turn into a 30 year study comparing conventional and organic farming methods.