What is Aquaponics exactly? Learn about a system that uses technology to harness the sustainability of natural ecosystems and creates astounding amounts of food with minimal input.

Waste in the USA

Check out the waste habits of Americans.

Remember back in part 1 when we figured out how much waste residences in Canada generate? 25 million tonnes annually. Which didn't seem like much but we found out that relative to the rest of the world it was actually a lot. 

Ever hear of the Hydrologic Cycle? You know, It's that familiar cycle we all hear about as kids in school. It rains, the water runs off the land back into the ocean, the water evaporates due to sunlight, clouds form, it rains again, and the cycle continues. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

So in the last bit we found out that Canada was actually an incredibly wasteful country compared to the rest of the world. And while the title of "probably the most wasteful country in the world" stirs up a mental image of Canadian's just throwing garbage willy-nilly out the window, it isn't actually all that bad. Canadians do manage to put most of their garbage into the appropriate containers. 


You finish a block of cheese and throw away its plastic wrapper. You take the tags off your new clothes and dispose of the shopping bag. You buy a new toothbrush and get rid of the old one. You get Chinese takeout and you're not sure if the container is recyclable because it seems like some kind of styrofoam that isn't recyclable so in the garbage it goes.


In most places of the world where gardeners have citrus trees, the weather is pleasant enough that citrus is grown commercially in large orchards. But for those of us living in the northern reaches of the world with less than accommodating climates for citrus, we need not be excluded from a year round supply of fresh citrus fruit.
As the cold winds and frosts force life into hibernation outside, you can be enjoying the benefits of a brightly coloured citrus tree inside. What better way to bring you out of the winter doldrums?

What happened to me? I wasn't always like this. I used to be normal - at least relatively normal. I've always been a little odd. As little as a year ago, I gave absolutely no shit about lawns or whether or not someone frequently took to the hobby of gardening. I used to casually travel along the pale, gray sidewalks of suburbia and not a mind a single thing. Now thanks to one additional past time, gardening, I'm disgusted by nearly everyone's yard. Who would've guessed that deciding to plant some vegetables would screw with my perspective so much?

Perhaps you've thought about growing some of your own vegetables, but have you ever considered growing your own clean air? All it takes is some carefully selected plants.
In 1992, 21 years ago, Kamal Meattle learned that the air in his home of New Delhi, air worse than Beijing, was killing him. He'd become allergic to the heavily polluted air, with his lung capacity reduced by 70%.

Home Improvements That Save Energy

If you are tired of settling high utility bills every month, it is high time you carried out some energy-saving home improvements to lessen the burden before things get worse. Here are some of the best home improvement ideas that can help you save energy